Friday, September 27, 2013

Fujifilm and imec Develop New Photoresist for Organic Image Sensors

Fujifilm and imec have developed a new photoresist for organic semiconductors that enables the realization of submicron patterns and does not hurt the light sensitivity of the organic photodetectors. For technical verification, Fujifilm and imec developed organic photo detectors (OPD) using the new photolithography technology, and tested their performance. Organic semiconductor materials were patterned to produce OPD composed of fine light receiving elements down to 200μm×200μm size (for some reason marked as 300um x 300um on the graph below). Generally, patterning of organic semiconductor materials degrades the property of converting light into electricity, but the OPD developed in this case were patterned without degradation:

Organic semiconductor materials were patterned to form OPD
of 300μm×300μm size, and photoelectric conversion property
with irradiation of artificial sunlight (AM1.5G) (red dotted line)
was examined. When compared with photoelectric conversion
property without patterning organic semiconductor materials (red
solid line), it did not show degradation due to patterning.
Similarly, there was no difference between with patterning (black
dotted line) and without patterning (black solid line) for
unirradiated dark current.

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