Monday, September 09, 2013

Soitec Licenses BSI-Related Patents to TSMC

PRNewswire: Soitec licenses some of its IP portfolio related to BSI technology to TSMC. Soitec says that the licensed IP covers "some of the key process steps of Soitec's Smart Stacking generic technology". BSI is said to be the key enabling technology in the race to develop small-pixel, high-quality image sensors used in consumer products such as digital cameras, smart phones and other portable electronics.

"We are very pleased to strengthen our relationship with TSMC. This licensing agreement demonstrates the value of Soitec's extensive and generic patent portfolio in manufacturing advanced devices such as BSI image sensors," said Paul Boudre, Soitec COO. "We look forward to continuing to leverage our IP portfolio by providing our partners with access to our technologies."

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  1. Any news on the Ziptronix vs. Omnivision/TSMC case? Didn't that concern similar wafer bonding technology?


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