Friday, December 19, 2014

Philips CCD Camera Gets Emmy Award

Grass Valley's LDK 6000 DPM CCD Multiformat HDTV Camera System, first introduced at the NAB Show in 2000 by Phillips, which was subsequently acquired by Grass Valley, gets 2014 Emmy Award for its ability to capture multiple video formats and frame rates without physically changing the image sensor.

Based on Grass Valley's patented Dynamic Pixel Management (DPM) imager technology, the LDK 6000 Camera has been used in a wide variety of high-profile sports events and broadcasting projects. "The Philips LDK6000 HD Camera System, first demonstrated in 2000, uses their patented DPM (Dynamic Pixel Management) imager technology, enabling the camera to capture multiple video formats and frame rates without physically changing the image sensor. The DPM sensor, a full frame transfer (FT) 2/3" type CCD imager, combines 9.2 million sub pixels (1920x4320) to capture 1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x576, or 720x480 pixel images in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios as well as 2.37:1 (Cinemascope). The DPM sensor, coupled with a mechanical blade shutter, eliminates the vertical artifacts and distortions exhibited by an Interline Transfer (IT) CCD type sensor."

"Our patented CCD technology was a real breakthrough in 2000, and the work we are doing now with our FT-CMOS technology is the next step. Being out front in capture technology guarantees that our customers will always be ready for any opportunity that arises in the future," noted Mike Cronk, SVP of strategic marketing, Grass Valley.


  1. This DPM CCD was a major breakthrough in the mid '90s, it has/had an adaptive pixel size. In this way the camera could be used in various modes. The pixel adaptation can be realized by changing the clocking of the CCD. A very simple method, but very efficient. This DPM CCD development was of crucial importance in the '90s for the R&D group that I managed at that time. It was the result of a great cooperation between the sensor developers (Eindhoven) and the camera developers (Breda). It is very rewarding to see that others also recognize the importance of this technology. Congratulations to all who worked on it !

  2. Patent: "Charge coupled imaging device having an adjustable aspect ratio and camera provided with such a charge coupled imaging device":

    Greg Pine's Album Page: (click arrow right Button for half a dozen relevant Images).


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