Sunday, December 07, 2014

XIMEA Reveals Photoneo 3D Cameras

Germany-based XIMEA presents 3D cameras of Slovakia-based Photoneo said to be able to resolve 50um depth difference at 1m distance:

The cameras feature:
  • Real per-pixel measurement thanks to unique method of sensing
  • Extraordinary scanning range thanks to laser technology
  • Efficient customizable projection system (different Wavelengths)
  • Ambient light suppression
  • Customizable FoV (5° - 90°)
  • Power efficient
  • Fast processing and low latency
  • Adaptive scanning: possibility to select high-res or high-fps mode
  • No Motion Blur
  • Future-proof: Scalable to higher resolution
Photoneo presents 3D face scan raw data from its camera with 0.5mm resolution:

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