Friday, December 12, 2014

Silvaco Simulates Radiation Damage

Silvaco publishes an application note on 4T pixel radiation damage simulation. The simulator includes quite fine effects: "Particle bombardment can change the arrangement of the atoms in the crystal lattice creating lasting damage, and increase the number of recombination (defect) centers depleting the minority carriers and degrading the analog properties of the affected semiconductor junctions. High dose rates of particles (particles/area-s) can cause partial annealing (“healing”) of the damaged lattice, leading to a lower degree of damage than with the same doses delivered in low intensity over a longer time period."

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  1. I’m looking forward to test this module to really understand what can be its benefits. However, it would have been a big plus to this publication to have a rough comparison with what is observed on real PPD CIS in literature. Up to now, we have never observed on PPD CIS the effect simulated here even at a displacement damage dose much higher (20x higher) than the one deposited by 1.8 MeV protons at a 1e12/cm² fluence.


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