Tuesday, January 06, 2015

AAC and Jabil are Pelican Imaging' Manufacturing Partners

AAC Technologies and Pelican Imaging announce that AAC Technologies is the chosen lens supplier for Pelican’s latest array camera module. The array camera, manufactured by Jabil, Inc., is slated for inclusion in an upcoming reference design that allows very accurate near-field and far-field depth acquisition. Pelican’s unique, flexible array camera solution provides depth when used as a standalone camera, or when used as a depth sensor in conjunction with a traditional camera.

Jack Duan, COO at AAC Technologies, noted, “We foresee strong demand for high-quality array lenses in the next wave of mobile devices. AAC Technologies is quite pleased to be partnering with Pelican Imaging on their latest array camera module as this offers AAC a great opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation in mobile imaging.

Pelican Imaging and Jabil Circuit, Inc., announce that the companies are collaborating to produce a high-resolution array camera module for inclusion in a reference design that allows accurate depth acquisition. The new Jabil camera module, based on Pelican’s array camera architecture, is expected to be broadly available in Q2 2015.

Irvin Stein, Business Unit Director of Jabil’s Embedded Camera Group, noted “We believe that array cameras are a key segment of the embedded camera market and will experience significant growth…we’re looking forward to fulfilling the demand for this from Jabil’s customers worldwide.

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