Monday, January 12, 2015

Image Sensor in Every Bullet

PR Newswire: SmartRounds Technology, LLC "SRT" of Brighton, Colorado announces a 18mm non-impact, non-lethal smart bullets, initially be available in two versions: a ShockRound and a PepperRound. Each one is equipped with an image that turns ON the round is fired, and activate the round milliseconds before impact. A Youtube video explains how it works:


  1. This looks promising. I was worried at first since back in the late 90's we turned down work on smart bullets to make them MORE lethal. It was not something I wanted to be involved with. I hope this application works out as advertised.

    1. Funny, I also did the same... I mean, turned away from a fully funded proposal to enhance bullets for light infantry units, making them smart and able to "seek" lethal impact points. I suppose it's an easier "sell" if one starts with "non-lethal" munitions and later bring the technlogy to standard munitions.

  2. Interesting idea and great way to increase CIS unit sales, think machine gun. I wonder if this works in the dark and what happens if the sensor malfunctions. Apparently, there is no light source in the bullet.

  3. Could the initial firing act as a light source like the flash of a camera?


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