Tuesday, January 06, 2015

On Semi-Aptina Announces 13MP/30fps Sensor, Stacking Technology

Business Wire: – ON Semiconductor (Aptina) has successfully characterized and demonstrated its first fully-functional stacked CMOS sensor featuring a smaller die footprint, higher pixel performance and better power consumption compared to traditional monolithic non-stacked designs. The technology has been successfully implemented and characterized on a test chip with 1.1µm pixels and will be introduced in a product later this year.

3D stacking technology is an exciting breakthrough that enhances our ability to optimize ON Semiconductor’s future sensors,” said Sandor Barna, VP of Technology for ON Semiconductor’s Image Sensor Group. “This technology provides manufacturing and design flexibility to ensure continued performance leadership across our entire sensor product portfolio.

Business Wire: On Semiconductor (Aptina) announces 13MP/30fps AR1335 sensor based on advanced 1.1µm pixel featuring a dramatic increase in QE and linear full well capacity. On Semi's CFA processing is sait to have increased the sensitivity by nearly 20% compared to the previous generation. The sensor delivers 4K video and Cinema formats at 30fps and 1080P at 60fps. The high 32-degree CRA supports low z-height applications for smartphones.

The AR1335 image sensor comes from an intersection of engineering innovation and customer focus,” said Shung Chieh, VP of Consumer Imaging for ON Semiconductor’s Image Sensor Group. “Technology improvements, coupled with smart design and optimized production processes, result in a cost effective solution for smartphone manufactures who wish to deliver a full, rich camera experience in their devices.

The AR1335 is in mass production in die format and has been designed into several smartphone models with availability in leading phones expected by Q2 2015.


  1. this says they will have phone in Q2 2015 with this sensor. That would be great... I am going to wait for it.. hopefully will not have to wait for ever!!!!

  2. I hope that the "Subsampling Modes" are actually offered in a Mobile Phone Camera, would bin4 give us an SNRMax of 43 ? - they claim to have low dark current and HDR ability (for both Stills and Video).

    Will puny pixels (with binning) win the 'low light war' ?


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