Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Omnivision Presents New Customers, Software

PR Newswire: OmniVision announces that the world's first 100% wireless HD security camera developed by NETGEAR will be using OmniVision's video recording and processing chipset. "By using OmniVision's OV9712 image sensor and OV788 video processor, the Arlo camera delivers crystal clear HD image quality, power efficiency and superior 'instant on' video recording. OmniVision's leadership in advanced digital imaging solutions makes them a natural fit for NETGEAR's smart home innovations," said Erich Volkert, senior director of product management for NETGEAR.

PR Newswire: OmniVision and Ring, producer of the battery-operated, wireless, video doorbell, announce that OmniVision's low-power consumption OV9712 image sensor and OV788 video processor are used for HD video recording and streaming in the new Ring Video Doorbell. The OV788's ultra-low power consumption also helps extend Ring's battery life to up to 14 months. "Through OmniVision's three-year partnership with Ring, we've witnessed how Ring has taken bold steps to create the revolutionary device you see today," said Sam Huang, VP of design engineering at OmniVision. "We greatly value our relationship with Ring, and pride ourselves in being the 'eyes' for products that truly redefine their categories."

PR Newswire: OmniVision announces that it is collaborating with Inuitive Ltd. to develop a reference design for building 3D imaging modules for consumer electronics. OmniVision's family of computer vision-optimized sensors and Inuitive's NU3000 ASIC, a 3D imaging and computer vision processor, are capable of bringing a host of advanced features for a wide range of consumer devices, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, smart TVs, and wearable devices.

"We are proud to partner with OmniVision to develop a new line of 3D cameras that enable advanced features such as augmented reality, 3D scanning, post processing photography, natural user interface and more," said Shlomo Gadot, co-founder & CEO at Inuitive. "In our view, the levels of performance and flexibility that these solutions offer make them among the most competitive on the market for OEMs looking to integrate 3D capabilities with their products." The new line of 3D cameras will utilize OmniVision's OV7251 global shutter image sensor or the quad high definition OV4688 image sensor.

Inuitive Camera
Inuitive ASIC

PR Newswire: OmniVision announces the immediate availability of an OpenCL optimized imaging algorithm library ideally suited for ARM Mali GPUs. The library includes advanced imaging features such as 3D noise suppression, chroma noise reduction, de-fringe and de-haze and is targeted at smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

"Through our close collaboration with ARM, we have developed imaging solutions that make effective use of the heterogeneous architecture of next generation application processors containing GPU Compute capable GPUs such as the ARM Mali GPU family," said Johnson Shan, VP of Software Algorithm Engineering at OmniVision. "The new algorithm library dramatically reduces execution time and power consumption, resulting in an enhanced user experience and extended battery life."

Update: PR Newswire: OmniVision announces that its OV7251 global shutter image sensor has been selected by Mantis Vision as one of the sensors intended for its next-generation 3D camera reference design, as part of its MV4D technology platform for mobile devices. OmniVision's OV7251, a VGA image sensor with global shutter capabilities, will facilitate accurate 3D imaging and content creation for the MV4D technology platform.

"By developing our 3D mobile camera using OmniVision's OV7251 sensor, Mantis Vision's MV4D technology platform has taken a leap forward in meeting the demands of our partners with daylight operability, sub-mm data accuracies, and slim form-factor compatibility," said Gur Arie Bittan, CTO of Mantis Vision. "With OmniVision's support, we expect the new camera reference design to be available for mobile OEM's in mid-2015."

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