Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Ambarella Presents 4K Camera SoC

Business Wire: Ambarella introduces H1 camera SoC for sports and quadcopter cameras (flying cameras). H1 supports 4K H.264 video encoding at 60fps and 4K H.265/HEVC standard at up to 30fps. H1 features a new generation of ISP with HDR processing, EIS, and a hardware de-warping engine supporting 360-degree panoramic cameras. In addition to 4K Ultra HD encoding, it also supports 1440p (QHD) video at 120 frames per second and 1080p video at 240 frames per second, for smooth slow-motion playback.

The adoption of 4K Ultra HD video has been accelerating across consumer electronics markets,” said Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella. “The Ambarella H1 will enable a new generation of sports and flying cameras with high frame rate Ultra HD video, bringing professional-quality film making to the consumer.

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