Monday, January 26, 2015

Pixpolar Pixel Simulations Paper

Journal of Instrumentation publishes Pixpolar's paper "Characterization of double modified internal gate pixel by 3D simulation study" by A. Aurola, V. Marochkin, and T. Tuuvab. "As it will be shown in this work thick fully depleted BSI deep buried channel double MIG image sensors have several benefits: they offer NDCDSR, interface generated dark noise and image lag free operation, very low 1/ f and RTS noise, 100% fill factor, excellent QE for low energy Xrays up to several keV as well as for NIR and visible light, very low crosstalk, inherent vertical anti-blooming mechanism, very fast operation, as well as good manufacturability with existing CMOS manufacturing lines." Unfortunately, only simulations with no measurement results have been shown.

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