Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mediatek to Enter ADAS Vision Solutions Market

MediaTek announces its plan to bring ADAS vision solutions to the automotive industry beginning Q1 2017:

"Reimagined from the ground up, MediaTek’s ADAS system will feature cutting-edge, decentralized Vision Processing Unit (VPU) solutions to optimally handle large amounts of real-time visual streaming data. MediaTek employs Machine Learning to increase the accuracy and speed of detection, recognition and tracking, making it more comparable to human decision-making performance."


  1. Keyword of the year "Machine Learning" and everyone lines up to buy it. What does it even mean... marketing blabber jabber.

    1. Machine Learning is much more realistic than IoT which has no meaning like 15 year ago "Ubiquitous society"

  2. I think a response like this is better served for the retail crowd at CNET. Most everyone perusing this blog is involved in one way or another with machine learning and has been since 2006.


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