Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tesla New Self-Driving Hardware Demo

Tesla publishes a nice demo of its new self-driving platform, together with computer-interpreted images from its 3 cameras:

A longer version of this video is here.


  1. Can it drive on city streets full of traffic signals and street signs?

  2. Is it designed for Chinese market? Since there is a lot of smog...

    1. I don't think so as the Tesla car can see the traffic lights during the heavy smog but the human drivers cannot. As a result the Tesla cars will be constantly hit by the human driven cars.

  3. It is scary to see humans in the street classified as 'objects' together with all other real objects.

  4. Abruptly stops for joggers, on the T intersections and also on a stop sign after making right turn (probably due to a parked car on the other side). Looks scary to me. It is annoying to human drivers.

  5. The test conditions are real, but are really boring.
    I really look forward to watching how Tesla car perform under similar conditions when it previously failed.

    The top test is how it handles a slow left-turning truck of white color on a sunny day on a highway.

  6. So Tesla has decided to use both cameras and mm-wave radars instead of using only radars?

  7. What about night test drive ? With rain for example ?

  8. 1. Tesla shouldn't have sped up the video to make the journey short to watch and hide the driving imperfections. It made it look like the car is going very fast and can't keep straight, ie dangerous.
    2. The stop after making the right turn was likely because the car could not calibrate where the road division was, you can see the line jittering a lot, and after a second or two it stabilizes and the car accelerates.
    3. Unless there are side front facing cameras, Tesla is blind to pedestrians at or approaching the intersection. Front camera doesn't see the pedestrians on the sidewalk waiting to cross.
    4. Tesla did not recognize the orange cones, twice. Once at the right turn and another time separating opposite traffic. If the cones were half a meter from the curb, the car would have taken them out.


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