Thursday, July 26, 2018

Loup Ventures LiDAR Technologies Comparison

Loup Ventures publishes its analysis of LiDAR technologies and how they compete with each other on the market:

There is also a comparison of camera, LiDAR and Radar technologies of autonomous vehicles:

Another Loup Ventures article tries to answer on question "If a human can drive a car based on vision alone, why can’t a computer?"

"While we believe Tesla can develop autonomous cars that “resemble human driving” primarily driven by cameras, the goal is to create a system that far exceeds human capability. For that reason, we believe more data is better, and cars will need advanced computer perception technologies such as RADAR and LiDAR to achieve a level of driving far superior than humans. However, since cameras are the only sensor technology that can capture texture, color and contrast information, they will play a key role in reaching level 4 and 5 autonomy and in-turn represent a large market opportunity."

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  1. From the numbers presented in this study I believe Loup Venture is not taking into account the Robotic Vehicles such as Waymo / Baidu / Lift are doing, otherwise it would be much more. It is always difficult to predict a market which does not exist . I have noticed that AV (Autonomous Vehicle) technology is now used as a synonym to ADAS when discussing L1 to L3, which is rather missleading since the cars are not really autonomous. I think we should only use "AV" for L4 and L5. The reason for the confusion might have been Elon who started the trend by calling "autopilot" a L2 feature. Pierre Cambou - Yole Developpement


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