Thursday, June 04, 2020

Huawei P40 Pro Neural Network vs Super-Resolution Algorithms

Almalence post compares its super-resolution algorithms with (supposedly) AI-based image enhancement in Huawei P40 Pro flagship smartphone:

"Getting back to the P40 Pro’s [supposedly] neural network, an interesting example below. First of all, the NN did an absolutely fantastic job resolving the hair (look at the areas 1 and 2). This looks like something beyond the normal capabilities of super resolution algorithms, which makes us convinced a neural network was involved.

Exploring the image further, however, we can see that in some areas (e.g. area 3) the picture looks very detailed but actually unnatural (and yes, different from the original), so the NN made a visually nice, but actually a wrong guess. In the area 4, the algorithm “resolved” the eye in a way that it distorted the eyelid and iris geometry, making the two eyes looking at different directions; it also guessed the bottom eyelashes in a way that they look like growing from the eyeball, not the eyelid, which looks rather unnatural.

Huawei P40 Pro AI NN processing
Almalence super resolution processing

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