Saturday, June 13, 2020

Prophesee and Inivation Present 3D Imaging Use Case for their Event-Driven Sensors

EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Structured Light and Computer Vision features Prophesee presentation on use of its event-driven sensor for 3D structured-light camera:

Inivation too presents its event-driven camera use for structured light 3D imaging:

Once we are at Inivation, the company has recently been awarded Vision Product of the Year Award 2020 by Edge AI and Vision Alliance.


  1. I saw a live demo a few weeks ago. Interesting approach and promising technology. Hope the first apps will drive the roadmap to higher resolutions. The imager hast to compete against ToF and Triangualtion Linescan Imagers.

  2. There is a problem in the photo-tranduction stage. The gain slope of a logarithmic response is compressed by the ambiant light level, so the laser spot detection could be difficult under strange ambient light. In a linear sensor, when the pixel is not saturated, the ambiant light increases the shot noise but doesn't desensitilize the pixel response.


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