Thursday, June 11, 2020

SK Telecom Expands Use Cases for Image Sensor-based RNG

The Korea Herald: SK Telecom has signed contracts with major IT firms to develop security products for self-driving vehicles, IoT devices and smartphones using its new image-sensor-based security chipset. Names of the partners were not disclosed.

SK Telecom’s QRNG chipset features impenetrable encryption, the company said during a press event. The system, patented by Swiss-based ID Quantique, cannot be breached by computer logic as the codes are created by random movements of photons that travel between an LED light source and a CMOS image sensor equipped in the chipset designed together with fabless Korean company Btree.

The QRNG can become an alternative encryption system in the advent of quantum computers, which can easily decode existing encryption systems,” said Uhm Sang-yun, ID Quantique’s Korean branch manager. The chipset can also process 256,000 keys per second to encrypt and decrypt data or files -- a much larger capacity than existing 128-bit encryption.

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