Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Miscellaneous News: UMC, Innoviz, Samsung

Semiconductor Engineering quotes said David Uriu, technical director of product management at UMC, saying that CIS are the drivers at 65nm and 40nm process nodes. "CIS use 65nm/55nm. Some CIS devices will start to use 40nm, but this is not a significant part of the current CIS volume yet. 40nm will expand for some high-end pixel designs, but it is not expected to be a widely accepted node due to costs."

Electronics360 reports that fabs' investments into image sensor manufacturing equipment rise 60% over 2020 and add another 35% rise in 2021.

Innoviz publishes its webinar comparing LiDAR, camera, and radar in ADAS and AV applications:

Samsung publishes a promotional video of its 50MP, 1.2um pixel ISOCELL GN1 image sensor:

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