Friday, January 22, 2021

Call for Papers for Special Issue of 2022 IEEE TED on Solid-State Image Sensors

Over the last decade, solid-state image sensors have sustained impressive technological developments as well as growth in existing markets such as camera phones, automotive cameras, security and industrial cameras and medical/scientific cameras. This has included:
  • sub-micron pixels,
  • high dynamic range sensors for automotive and machine vision,
  • time-of- flight sensors for 3D imaging,
  • 3-dimensional integration (wafer level stacking) for small and efficient imaging systems on a chip,
  • sub-electron read noise pixels and avalanche photodetectors for single-photon imaging,
  • detector structures for non-cooled infrared imaging,
  • and many others.
Solid-state image sensors are also taking off into new applications and markets (IoT, 3D imaging, medical, biometrics and others). Solid-state image sensors are now key components in a vast array of consumer and industrial products. This special issue will provide a focal point for reporting these advancements in an archival journal and serve as an educational tool for the solid-state image sensor community. Previous special issues on solid-state image sensors were published in 1968, 1976, 1985, 1991, 1997, 2003, 2009 and 2016.
  • Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Pixel device physics (New devices and structures, Advanced materials, Improved models and scaling, Advanced pixel circuits, Performance enhancement for QE, Dark current, Noise, Charge Multiplication Devices, etc.)
  • Image sensor design and performance (New architectures, Small pixels and Large format arrays, High dynamic range, 3D range capture, Low voltage, Low power, High frame rate readout, Scientific-grade, Single-Photon Sensitivity)
  • Image-sensor-specific peripheral circuits (ADCs and readout electronics, Color and image processing, Smart sensors and computational sensors, System on a chip)
  • Non-visible “image” sensors (Enhanced spectral response e.g., UV, NIR, High energy photon and particle detectors e.g., electrons, X-rays, Ions, Hybrid detectors, THz imagers)
  • Stacked image sensor architectures, fabrication, packaging and manufacturing (two or more tiers, back-side illuminated devices)
  • Miscellaneous topics related to image sensor technology
Submission deadline: July 30, 2021
Publication date: June 2022

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  1. This special issue is initiated and organized for the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) by members of the Int. Image Sensor Society (IISS) board of directors. Thanks Mike Guidash for taking the lead role, and also thanks to Dan, Guy and Rihito for volunteering their time, to Albert Theuwissen, IISS President, for instigating and nudging this 6-yr-cycle special issue along. I hope we have some great participation and some great papers. Prior special issues of IEEE TED have been organized by IISS members since before there was an IISS, and are a treasure trove of important milestones in image sensor technology invention and development.


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