Monday, January 18, 2021

Luminar CES Presentation Compares LiDAR Approaches

Luminar publishes its presentations at CES2021. The first one done by Matt Weed compares the LiDAR technologies:

In its investor presentation, Luminar also shows its single-pixel InGaAs sensor integrated onto a Si ROIC and costing $3:


  1. "Single photon" should be replaced by "SPADs array", and "TOF" by "pixel pair" for less's always about Time-of-Flight measurement! No need to be "smart" on wordings here. That said, the minimum OEM resolution requirement for autonomy at 5% reflectivity brings a clear statements for all those who try to show they already have won the race!

  2. Luminar makes a lot of dishonest marketing practices. Their much denser point clouds are often 1 second scans rather than a single frame at any sort of automotive-level framerate (typically 10 to 20 Hz). Sometimes these dense, slow scans are evident from severe motion distortion of moving cars. Also, I bet that a SPAD array is still much cheaper than their single high performance 1550 nm detector, and a VCSEL array is much cheaper than their single high performance laser.


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