Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Omnivision Presents 1.998um NIR-enhanced Pixel and Sensor

BusinessWire: OmniVision announces the OS04C10, a 1.998um pixel, 4 MP  sensor for both IoT and home security cameras.

AI-enabled IoT and home security cameras require excellent performance across all lighting conditions for accurate algorithm detection of faces, license plates and other items. Additionally, these cameras are often battery-powered,” said Cheney Zhang, senior marketing manager for the security segment at OmniVision. “The OS04C10 maintains the same high 4MP resolution as our popular OV4689 sensor, while adding improved NIR, ultra low light and HDR performance for these IoT and home security cameras, along with a new ultra low power mode that consumes 98.9% less power than the normal mode for longer battery life.

The sensor features NIR responce-enhancing Nyxel technology and 2-exposure HDR.

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