Monday, February 14, 2022

Hybrid ToF (hToF) Image Sensor Paper

Shizuoka University publishes a IEEE Open JSSC paper "Hybrid Time-of-Flight Image Sensors for Middle-Range Outdoor Applications" by S. Kawahito, K. Yasutomi, and K. Mars.

"This paper introduces a new series of time-of-flight (TOF) range image sensors that can be used for outdoor middle-range (10m to 100m) applications by employing a small duty-cycle modulated light pulse with a relatively high optical peak power. This set of TOF sensors is referred to here as a hybrid TOF (hTOF) image sensor. The hTOF image sensor is based on the indirect TOF measurement principle but simultaneously uses the direct TOF concept for coarse measurements. Compared to conventional indirect TOF image sensors for outdoor middle-range applications, the hTOF image sensor has a distinct advantage due to the reduction of capturing ambient light charge. To show the potential of the hTOF image sensor for outdoor middle-range operation, a model of estimating distance precision of hTOF image sensors is built and applied it by using possible sensor specifications to estimate the distance precision of the hTOF range camera in 10m, 20m and 40m measurements under the ambient-light condition of 100klux and its feasibility is discussed. In outdoor 10m-range measurements, the advantage of hTOF image sensors compared to the conventional indirect TOF image sensors is discussed by considering the amount of captured ambient-light charge in pixels."

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