Wednesday, February 09, 2022

NHK Develops 33MP 240fps-Fast Sensor for 4x Slow Motion 8K Broadcast Camera

NHK reports that it was able to develop a 240fps 33MP broadcast camera for 4x slow motion video:


  1. 33MP at 240fps means about 8GPix/s, I suppose more than 8bit/pixel, so >10GByte/sec data to move around. What technology is used to link "camera", "signal processor" and "recorder" in such systems? This must also be usable in TV recording settings like in a sports stadium, covering quite long distances, being robust etc. What type of cable links and transmission technologies are used in such settings?

    1. I'd guess a thin optical fiber is the easiest option. 112Gbps fiber links are available today.

      We can extrapolate the speeds to one needed for VR broadcasts. 16K resolution is a bare minimum there. 120fps or 180fps is the normal shooting speed. So, 4x slow motion is 480-720fps. The data speed would be well beyond half-terabit per second. Optical cables are inevitable then. Maybe even DWDM coherent links.


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