Monday, February 28, 2022

Article about Peter Noble and his Early Image Sensors

DoresetEcho publishes an article about Emmy Awardee Peter Noble and his early works including the first TV image by 4096 MOS sensor 001:

"Currently, Mr Noble is writing an anthology of the origins of image-sensor array with buried-photodiode structure, which features the original papers and includes alternative methods to achieve the same result."


  1. Congrats Peter! 6 decades ago, wow, impressive! It's awesome to be recognized as the inventor of the digital image sensors. Your invention changed the world, It's in every cellphone now. I don't think CCD image sensors could come this far.

  2. If there is one physicist to receive the Nobel Prize should be Peter Noble! There is engineering involved (no Nobel for that), but physics is involved in this invention also.


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