Monday, February 07, 2022

NHK Proposes 50/60Hz Flicker-Free 8K Video

2018 NHK paper "Flicker-Free Method for Video Captured at 120-Hz Frame Frequency by Interlaced Scanning and Electrical Shutter" by Toshiki ARAI and Hiroshi OHTAKE proposes interlaced approach to eliminate 50/60Hz flicker in 8K video:

"We propose a flicker-free method for video captured at a 120-Hz frame frequency and a 100-Hz illumination intensity variation frequency by using interlaced scanning and an electrical shutter to broadcast video during the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. We found from the results of image simulation that the human eye cannot identify the decrease in vertical resolution of images with interlaced scanning when they are displayed at a 120-Hz frame frequency. We found that flicker in video captured with the flicker-free method was suppressed to less than one-twentieth of the flicker with 120-Hz progressive scanning as a result of implementation. The sensitivity of the prototype camera head with the flicker-free method also became 1.2 times higher than that with 120-Hz progressive scanning. The 120-Hz flicker-free method could be adopted in a fieldprogrammable gate array of the prototype camera head that has already been developed with a 120-Hz frame frequency."

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