Monday, June 04, 2007

Forza FORZ-HD Technology

PRWeb: Forza Silicon Corporation announced today the availability of its proprietary FORZ-HD CMOS imaging technology, which supports frame rates up to 60 fps, proven at 33.2 Mega-pixel resolution, and features 12-bit on-chip ADCs. FORZ-HD technology is targeted for high resolution, high-speed, high dynamic range digital cameras used in professional photography or digital cinematography, and in medical, biotech, scientific, satellite and defense industries.

FORZ-HD imaging technology is used in CMOS image sensors fabricated by Forza foundry partner Tower Semiconductor using 0.18 micron process. FORZ-HD is compatible with CMOS Image Sensor processes used by Forza foundry partner IBM Microelectronics.

The datasheet indicates that ADC is successive approximation column parallel having 260Ksps. An example spec table states the following parameters:

Array Size 7832 x 4360
ADC Resolution 12-bit
ADC Conversion Rate 260 KS/sec
Frame Rate 60 fps
Conversion Gain 50 uV/e
Responsitivity 2 V/lux-sec
Signal/Noise Ratio 43 dB
Dynamic Range 60 dB
Digital Power Supply 1.8 V
Analog Power Supply 3.3 V

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