Friday, June 29, 2007

OmniVision and Scalado Collaborate

Yahoo: OmniVision added a new hardware feature to its new 1.75um 3MP OV3640 CameraChip enabling cameras to take advantage of Scalado's SpeedView technology.

"Long capture and shot-to-shot times have been a constant complaint ever since the megapixel race began," said Sami Niemi, CTO for Scalado. "The WYSIWYG Capturing technology makes it possible to really capture the moment, which is the true essence of any camera phone. Add to that instant photo file maneuvering so users can find and share pictures quickly and easily, and we have addressed another major complaint cited by the majority of camera phone users."

Omnivision also announced volume shipments of OV6680 Square Graphics Array (SGA) sensor with its unique 400 x 400 array.

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