Tuesday, April 01, 2008

1000fps 4MP Sensor from Photron

VirtualPressOffice: Photron announced Fastcam SA2 2K x 2K pixel camera operating at 1,000fps speed at full resolution. The camera can also deliver HD video 1080p at 2,000fps, 720p video at 4,000 fps, and 512 x 416 pixel resolution up to 10,000 fps. It is based on CMOS sensor with 12b output. Quite impressive spec! I guess the sensor has been designed by Alexima, as it has long standing relationships with Photron.

The camera is targeted to broadcast applications in sports and entertainment, automotive crash testing, ballistic and missile testing, biomedical imaging and industrial motion analysis.


  1. Not Alexima. Although, we can also do 4Gpix/s

  2. Thank you for the correction. Do you know who has designed this sensor?


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