Monday, April 14, 2008

Job Listing Sheds Light on Aptina Plans

Aptina is looking for Senior Flash Device Engineer responsible for flash "integration into baseline imager processes". The candidate with experience on 65nm and newer technologies is preferred. So what Aptina plans to store in an on-imager flash memory? Probably the area pixel correction table, varying from chip to chip due to alignment variations, column and row mistatch calibration, ADC calibration, etc. Also, a big number of bad pixels can be consealed from the external world.

Another interesting requirement comes to Imager Foundry Process Integration Engineer candidate: he should be able to work with Micron fabs and external foundries, evaluate and understand Fab conversions and their effect on existing and future part types. He'll be responsible for transferring existing processes to foundry and he's required to travel overseas.

Even though "overseas" might mean Micron's image sensor fab in Italy, it looks to me there are more foundries under evaluation now.

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