Saturday, April 05, 2008

ADCs for Modern Image Sensors

Chipworks blog has an post on ADC architectures for modern image sensors. They see a trend of adopting comumn-parallel single-slope ADC and complexity increase in staircase generating DACs for these ADCs.


  1. Column ADCs is an interesting topic. JPL, Woody Yang, Photobit, Toshiba...So, it's quite a surprise to learn that the leaders now are Sony and Samsung.
    Interestingly, but Sony was inspired by the Micron R&D publication of 2003, CCD Workshop.

  2. I'm not sure Sony and Samsung are leaders in that, but they certainly spend some efforts on column-parallel ADC improvements. On the other hand, Micron mostly uses 2 pipelined ADCs in its recent sensors after Photobit tried column parallel successive approximation ADCs a long time ago (few years is a long time in this industry).


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