Saturday, November 01, 2008

Arasan Offers MIPI IP

Arasan announced availability of MIPI IP blocks portfolio. Half a year ago there was a brief message about that. Now Arasan reveals much more details.

Arasan’s Camera Serial Interface CSI IP cores are compliant with MIPI CSI-2 specification 1.0 addressing all Tx/Rx requirements. Arasan’s highly configurable CSI IP cores are architected to support 1 to 4 lanes providing up to 4 Gbps throughput. They can support a variety of native host interfaces – APB, AHB, AXI, OCP, Micro-Controller or customer specific interfaces, providing seamless integration to any camera sensor or image processor. Optionally, the IP cores also support compression/decompression with predictor algorithms.

The Arasan CSI-2 IP cores are readily available and have been integrated into several customer designs.

Arasan claims it's the first on the market with MIPI IP blocks, but Mixel also announced such an IP many months ago.


  1. ST has the MIPI de-serialzer which is in 3mm x 3mm BGA package called MIPID01 (1 lane) and MIPID02 (2 lane)

  2. Cosmic Circuits also has MIPI IP.


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