Monday, October 05, 2009

Tessera One More Time Announces Face Reconition Technology

Yahoo: Tessera one more time announced its FotoNation FaceRecognition. Tessera acquired Fotonation at the beginning of 2008 for $29M (plus another $10M if some goals are met). By that time Fotonation already had face recognition product for sale.

I guess this announcement relates to an improvement version of it, although it's not clearly stated. The technology appears to be software based and available for a number of platforms, including COACH and ARM. No recognition speed or number of simultaneously recognized faces is mentioned, both being very important merits of the algorithm.


  1. Hello,
    I couldn't find any way for contact so I'll use the comments section.
    It's not related to Tessera face recognition. Can You comment on this article
    Rebelling against BSI, Fujifilm Succeeds in Color Imaging Using Organic CMOS Sensor it's originaly posted in the august issue of Nikkei Electronics

  2. Hello,
    Is it possible to get a complete english version of the article cited above? Google translate is quite limited with japanese. Sorry this post is not related to Tessera article too.

  3. No I don't think there is such thing.
    Sorry that I didn't mention, the link is in chineese. It's barely translatable with
    Admin, sorry about the generated offtopic.

  4. To Anoymous,

    Your source has 2 parts:
    1) from 2006 report
    2) from 2009/9/21
    this article points out that Fujifilm has successfully developed the organic film to replace the silicon phtodiodes and got the color image.

    it also mentioned that CMOS sensor(FSI) has 3 defects:
    1) the transparency of the color filer
    2) stack height
    3) low QE

    BSI can solve the item 2)
    Fujifilm claims that the organic film can solve both 3 items, but in this research, it only solve th item2) & 3)

    Fujifilm plans to solve the item 1) by stacking different films which has specific absorbtion spectrum. (like Foven...)


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