Tuesday, October 06, 2009

CMOSIS Comes Out with Off the Shelf Product

AZOM.com: Custom sensors design house CMOSIS has announced its first standard product. The 2.2MP CMV2000 imager is based on 5.5um pixel and designed to run at a frame rate of more than 300fps at full resolution. A unique feature of the CMV2000 is its novel pixel structure, which combines pipelined global shutter operation with CDS. This technique, pioneered by CMOSIS, yields a low noise level below 18 e-.

The CMV2000 integrates a high-performance 10bit column ADC on-chip. The ADC features a slow 12bit mode and multiple HDR modes.

Samples of the CMV2000 are currently released to certain CMOSIS customers. Full production will ramp up in early 2010. A 4MP version of the new sensor, named CMV4000, will be available to camera manufacturers beginning May 2010.

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