Monday, October 05, 2009

Welcome New Imaging Technologies - A Smart Sensor Company

It came to my attention there is a new image sensor startup in France. New Imaging Technologies (NIT) is a fabless company providing both standard products, custom design and technology consulting-licensing. NIT is a spin-off from the French National Telecommunication Institute. Lead by Professor Yang NI, the research team has worked since 1991 on CMOS smart imaging devices for a large variety of scientific, industrial, automotive, biometrics and optical communications applications. Several tens of CMOS application oriented smart sensors have been designed and delivered.

The company has been granted with a R&D contract from the French Ministry of Defense through its DGA operation. NIT will design a specific CMOS imaging sensor using its proprietary wide dynamic range technology (so called MAGIC) to be coupled with an image intensifier for night vision application.

Also, NIT won a design contract with an unnamed major Japanese firm for designing a smart imaging sensor for mass market application. The sensor is said to use a 0,18um process from a large silicon foundry.

Thanks to J.B. for letting me know about the new startup.

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