Monday, October 12, 2009

KLA-Tencor Helps Toppan to Get 300mm Wafer Capability

Yahoo: KLA-Tencor announced that its 8900 defect inspection system was recently installed at the first 300mm advanced CFA fab of Toppan. Key features of the new 8900 defect inspection system include:
  • Simultaneous brightfield and darkfield optical paths to capture a wide range of defect types in a single pass, such as micro-lens deformation; resist and fall-on defects; color contamination; large stains and striations;
  • Selectable LED inspection and review illumination spectrum matched to CIS filter colors;
  • Sensitivity consistent with requirements of advanced CIS roadmaps;
  • Throughput above 110 wafers per hour at production sensitivity, for 300mm semiconductor wafers;
  • Automated binning of defects by type;
  • Automated sensor pass/fail dispositioning; and
  • Automated color review for defect verification.

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