Saturday, October 17, 2009

Accolade Drops Aptina IP Lawsuit

Law360: Accolade has dismissed the claims of patent infringement against Aptina.


  1. According to Trolltracker blog:
    (this is not about Aptina, just some other info about the mysterious Accolade Systems)

    9) Accolade Systems LLC v. 01 Communique Laboratory, LogMeIn, Symatec. Filed 1/30/07. Troll. Even worse: a patent-attorney troll (we will see many of these, and will be a subject of a future post). Accolade is a company run by Paul Hickman and Michael Gough -- two Californians. They are the inventors of the patent-in-suit. Accolade is an LLC listed as being run by "Michael Gough" of Marshall, Texas. Paul Hickman is a patent lawyer in Silicon Valley. The patent was originally assigned to G&H Nevada-Tek of Incline Village, Nevada (G&H standing for Gough & Hickman), then assigned to Accolade solely to get venue in Texas. Nobody has moved to transfer.

  2. Well, patent trolls are not absolute evil. In many cases selling patent to such "troll" is the only way for small company to fight juggernauts infringing on its patents. Direct suit usually ends up with countersuit and often costs too much for small companies.

    I'm not sure this is applicable to the case with Accolade though.


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