Tuesday, October 06, 2009

EV Group Installs Fusion Wafer Bonders at Two Image Sensor Manufacturing Facilities in Asia

Yahoo: EV Group (EVG) announced that it has completed the installation of two automated fusion bonding systems for 300-mm wafers at a leading semiconductor foundry and at a major consumer electronics manufacturer. The GEMINI FB automated production fusion bonding systems will be employed for the production of BSI CMOS image sensors ranging from ultra-compact wafer-level cameras for mobile phones to larger form factor high-end image sensors.


  1. Who would be the lucky user(s?)

  2. Probably Xintec and China WLCSP

  3. There are two other candidates:
    Visera (TSMC) and UMC

  4. UMC for Imager in 300mm ?
    Do you see Chinese going capex these days ?


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