Friday, October 30, 2009

Panavision Sues Omnivision, Aptina, Canon

I missed this news item at the time, so thanks to R.C. for bringing this to my attention:

From OVTI 10-Q form, July 2009:

On March 6, 2009, Panavision Imaging, LLC, or Panavision, filed a complaint against [OVTI] alleging patent infringement in the District Court for the Central District of California. The case is entitled Panavision Imaging, LLC v. OmniVision Technologies, Inc., Canon U.S.A., Inc., Micron Technology, Inc. and Aptina Imaging Corporation, Case No. CV09-1577. In its complaint, Panavision asserts that we make, have made, use, sell and/or import products that infringe U.S. Patent Nos. 6,818,877 (“Pre-charging a Wide Analog Bus for CMOS Image Sensors”), 6,633,029 (“Video Bus for High Speed Multi-resolution Imagers and Method Thereof”) and 7,057,150 (“Solid State Imager with Reduced Number of Transistors per Pixel”). The complaint seeks unspecified monetary damages, fees and expenses and injunctive relief against us. We expect to vigorously defend ourselves against Panavision’s allegations. The Court has scheduled a claim construction hearing for December 10, 2009.


  1. I can speak for Micron-Aptina. A unique fast serial readout was filed in 1998. Precharge of analog bus- in 1999. Earlier than these patent applications. Shared photogate pixel? Who uses it in products? -That was obviously filed to get something around the Kodak patent. A weak case to me...

  2. Micron-Aptina in 1998? 1999? I think you meant Photobit-Micron-Aptina...

  3. Panavision suing Canon?? Canon invented the CMOS sensor (for image purposes), ways back in the late 90s when Panavision were stuck in a bath of chemical and film.


  4. Hey anonymous, panavision was involved in HD going back to the late 80's. they even created a HD tube camera that never was mass produced.

    Check your info before belching bogus commentary.


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