Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Scale Offers Super-Reliable AF Motor

New Scale Technologies has upgraded the lifetime specification and provided new repeatability data for its miniature M3-F focus module, which replaces fixed lens holders in compact board cameras for biometric detection, medical diagnostics, machine vision and other applications. Based on design improvements and testing, the new lifetime specification is >2 million cycles mean time before failure in a fixed orientation or >500,000 cycles in random orientation. The position repeatability is +/- 5 microns uni-directional and +/- 20 microns bi-directional, which is said to be best-in-class performance for high-resolution imaging applications.

The M3-F module incorporates a piezoelectric SQUIGGLE micro motor, drive ASIC, magnetic NSE-5310 position sensor and a microprocessor in a 20 x 22 x 16 mm polymer housing. It accepts standard threaded lens assemblies from M8 to M12 and is compatible with image sensors up to 17x17 mm, including the 1/2" and 1/1.8" formats. This Youtube video shows the module:

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