Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vision Award Candidates

IMV Europe: The Vision Award is presented each year at the Vision trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany (held this year from 8-10 November). The innovations presented by the candidates will be judged by a panel of vision experts comprised of Jens Michael Carstensen of Videometer, Hermann Tropf of Vision Tools, Martin Wäny of Awaiba, Dieter-Josef Walter of Daimler, and Michael Engel of Vision Components.

The list candidates for this year's Award has two image sensor companies:
  • New Imaging Technologies (NIT), Color Native WDR: High colour fidelity over more than 140dB dynamic range, Christian Bouvier, Yang Ni, Nicolas Baroan
  • Heliotis, High-speed/high-precision 3D sensor with pixel-level signal processing and camera-level surface extraction, Andreas Corliano, Yves Delley, Joël Forchelet, Christian Lotto, Patrick Lambelet, Rudolf Moosburger, Stephan Beer, Peter Seitz, Dino Zardet, Christa Zimmerli
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