Thursday, July 28, 2011

TSMC Reveals its 1.1um and 0.9um Pixel Schedules

Seeking Alpha: TSMC CEO Morris Chang said at the Q2 Earnings conference call:

"I want to report the our CMOS image sensors we are ready to introduce, 1.1 micron pixel process early next year for 8 megapixel products. We have also demonstrated a 0.9 micron pixel for 16 Megapixel products to be released a year later. Both processes use our world leading (inaudible) elimination [probably backside illumination] technology and are well-positioned for smartphone and tablet application."

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  1. So early 2013 we'll start seeing 0.9um products. That seems a bit early considering how long its taken them to get 1.1um going properly. But who knows may be they are indeed ready.


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