Sunday, July 03, 2011

25th IISW Reflections and Samsung ToF Sensor

Eric Fossum published his IISW 2011 paper "The 25th Anniversary of IISW: Reflections on Directions" talking about the workshop history.

Also, Samsung ToF paper "Dark Current Suppression during High Speed Photogate Modulation for 3D ToF Imaging Pixel" is published as well. The sensor is based on voltage modulated photogates:

The distance accuracy was reported to be mostly between 0.4% and 1%:


  1. 400mW = optical power ???

  2. I believe it is optical power as stated. I think there are about 65 LEDs in the camera system. The amount of optical power required for 3D TOF is certainly a big drawback of this approach, but fortunately for closer applications this much power is not required.

    You need to compare this to the optical power from a 10W (electrical power) nightlight bulb. Really not so bright, but driving from batteries would be expensive in size and weight.

  3. Thanks for answering!
    But I think that the driving power et RF radiation could be also an issue. You need to pump 10W power at 20Mhz, it's pretty powerful RF emitter already.

  4. Sorry fo rany confusion but the LEDs are much more efficient than 4% and do not require 10W input power. Also, RF power can be readily shielded/contained. So far we have not seen any problems.

  5. Well from DC power supply to get 400mW at LED output at 20Mhz, you will need 10W any way. I remember when MESA worked with IEE on smart airbag, that was a critical issue.

  6. PLS Advice needed. I interviewed with a popular CMOS imaging company about 2.5 weeks ago. The interview went well. The manager told be i would hear back within a week after the interview. I sent out an email to the HR contact and the manager after 1 week. I got a reply from the manager saying they still needed more time for his team to make a decision,but i should keep in touch with the HR. 2 weeks went by and emailed the HR contact, but i never got a reply. Could someone pleas advice me on what to do? Though i like this company, i am disappointed in the way they haven't been able to give me an answer, instead they just kept me in the dark. Its been almost three weeks now, so i was wondering if i should call the HR or just move on and take the silence as i didn't get the job. I apologize if this is the wrong forum, i just needed some advice.

  7. Well, some companies, like Samsung, are incredibly slow for the hiring procedure.

    Assuming it is not Samsung, then my advice is to keep looking.

    The company's hiring process seems unprofessional from what you wrote. Are you sure you want to work there anyway?

  8. If the manager shunted you to human resources, it probably means you didn't get the position and he doesn't want to deal with telling you this. Probably, but you don't know for sure. Maybe there is one candidate in front of you who has asked for time to mull over the offer, and if s/he declines the company will try you next. Or there could be some other perfectly reasonable explanation for a delay.

    I would agree with the keep-on-looking recommendation, but add that you should also call the human resources person. E-mail is easy to write and easy to ignore, whereas phone calls put both parties on the spot. Even if you don't get the answer you are hoping for, being comfortable making a cold call is a useful skill to develop.

  9. Thank you very much for the replies. Very much appreciated.


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