Monday, July 04, 2011

TowerJazz-Soitec BSI Process

TowerJazz kindly sent me its BSI process presentation at IISW 2011 (in cooperation with Soitec). Below are few slides from the presentation:


  1. A stupide question:

    Is it possible apply classic coating technique to form AR layer on BSI sensor?

  2. Generally not. In order to provide a good AR coating, you have to have access to the silicon surface so something with an index of refraction higher than that of SiO2 can be deposited as the first layer. You can see examples of these coatings on scientific silicon photodiodes.

  3. So the answer is YES or NO please ???

  4. I'd guess one can etch out the backside oxide, passivate the silicon and then place AR layer. It still looks possible to me, albeit a little awkward.

  5. The answer is:

    Technically, Maybe.
    Practically, No.

  6. There are ways to start with bare silicon and apply an AR coating. It's all about yield, dark current, and defectivity tolerance. The big boys in the industry (OV/TSMC, SONY, Samsung, ...) know the tricks. And the answer is technically, Yes (it is already in production).


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