Monday, November 07, 2011

Kodak Announces New CCDs, Seeks Patents Sale

Kodak announces a slew of new products today although I can not find these announcements published elsewhere. I got them by email:

  • KAI-16070 Image Sensor, a 16MP, 35mm optical format device that is the first to leverage a new 7.4um pixel platform that provides superior image quality for the most demanding imaging applications;
  • KAI-16050 Image Sensor, a 16MP, APS-H optical format device which is the latest in Kodak’s extensive family of plug-and-play devices based on a 5.5um pixel;
  • A series of new products that leverage the KODAK TRUESENSE Color Filter Pattern, technology that is said to provide color imaging with monochrome sensitivity;
  • A new Hardware Evaluation System that simplifies evaluation of Kodak’s newest interline CCD devices; and
  • KLI-2104 Image Sensor, a new linear CCD that provides high quality, 4-channel color imaging.

The KAI-16070 Image Sensor is the first device based on the TRUESENSE 7.4um Interline Transfer CCD Platform, a new technology that leverages the superior capabilities of Kodak’s 5.5um pixel platform into a larger, 7.4um pixel. The new platform shares a number of performance features with the 5.5um pixel devices, including low read noise, high QE, and a flexible output structure that supports the use of 1, 2, or 4 outputs on a single device. But the larger pixel size of the new platform helps to increase the light gathering capability of the pixel by 80%, improving signal-to-noise and low light performance. In addition, smear rejection has been improved by 4x (to -115 dB), dynamic range has been doubled to 70 dB, and blooming suppression has been increased to over 1000x.

In addition to improving the base performance of the pixel, the platform also includes a new output design that allows a single charge packet to be sampled either once (standard readout configuration) or twice – at both high and low gain – to enable measurement of very high signal levels. When operated in this dual-gain mode, signals of up to 160k electrons (corresponding to a 2x2 bin of the base pixel array) can be measured, increasing the linear dynamic range available from the sensor to 82 dB. Taken together, these improvements result in a technology platform that provides superior image quality for use in the most demanding imaging applications.

The KODAK KAI-16070 Image Sensor is the first product to leverage this new 7.4um pixel platform. With 16MP in a 35mm optical format, the KAI-16070 supports full resolution readout at up to 8fps. In addition, this product is both pin and package compatible with devices in the 5.5um pixel platform, allowing the KAI-16070 to directly leverage cameras that support the 35mm format KAI-29050 Image Sensor. The KAI-16070 is available in monochrome, Bayer Color, and TRUESENSE Color Filter Pattern configurations.

The KAI-16050 Image Sensor is the latest product in the TRUESENSE 5.5um Interline Transfer CCD Family. This APS-H (32 mm diagonal) optical format device provides full resolution readout at up to 8fps, and is available in monochrome, Bayer Color, and KODAK TRUESENSE Color Filter Pattern configurations.

The KAI-16070 and KAI-16050 Image Sensors are sampling today, with production planned for Q1, 2012.

Also the 4MP KAI-04050 and 8MP KAI-08050 are now available with the TRUESENSE Color Filter Pattern that is said to provide a 2x to 4x increase in light sensitivity compared to the use of a standard Bayer color filter array.

To simplify evaluation of Kodak’s newest CCD Image sensors, TRUESENSE IT-CCD Evaluation Hardware allows the performance of Kodak’s sensors to be examined without the need to develop a new camera design. This hardware system interfaces to a standard PC using a Camera Link interface and is driven by KODAK Sensor Studio Software, which is available for download from the Kodak web site. The system supports up to 4 output taps at 40 MHz clock speeds, allowing this entire portfolio of image sensors (from 1 to 29 megapixels) to be evaluated at full speed. The system is compatible with monochrome, Bayer Color, and KODAK TRUESENSE CFA devices, with an included IR cut-filter for color imaging and support for C, CS, and F mount lenses.

KODAK TRUESENSE Color Filter Pattern CCD Family

Meanwhile, News Week, Wall Street Journal and others report that in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Kodak said it is seeking to raise an additional $500 million in financing that could be used to support "ongoing operational needs." Kodak said its ability to continue operations within the next 12 months "is dependent upon the ability to monetize its digital imaging patent portfolio through a sale or licensing" or by issuing additional debt. The portfolio is 1,100 U.S. patents-strong and represents about 10% of all Kodak's patents.


  1. FYI: Kodak just sold this business!

  2. Which is a great thing since now this division is no longer supporting the weight of Kodak and can now grow on it's own.


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