Sunday, November 20, 2011

ResearchInChina Market Report, Sept. 2011

Research In China has updated its Global and China CMOS Camera Module Industry Report, 2011. The new release is dated by the end of September and has a graph of image sensor market shares:

Few quotes from the report:

"In 2011, the global shipment of CMOS image sensors is expected to be 1,989 million units, up 24.5% from 1,497 million units in 2010. The application in mobile phone is still the most important market.

Omnivision saw the highest growth rate among the vendors of CMOS image sensors. Omnivision has also been the world’s largest CMOS image sensor producer for successive several years. Other CMOS image sensor vendors except Sony witness sluggish growth.

In the lens field... only four (or less four) vendors can mass-produce 8-megapixel cameras in the world. The vendors engaged in low-end products lead a hard life, while the high-end peers obtain handsome profits. In the high-end field, Largan almost monopolizes the market; NOKIA, HTC and Apple all apply Largan’s products. Although its products aim at the mid-end market, GSEO’s major client Apple has ordered more and more GSEO’s products.

In the module field, LG INNOTEK becomes a highlight and endears itself to Apple, with more orders from the latter. The CCM revenue of LG INNOTEK will be USD950 million in 2011, up 63.8% from USD508 million in 2010, the sole vendor with substantial growth in the CCM sector. Besides, PRIMAX also has received some orders from Apple, and its revenue presents a 29.3% rise.

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