Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Oppenheimer Talks About OmniBSI-2 Production Problems

Oppenheimer report quotes unnamed sources saying "In addition to yield issues with BSI-2 at TSMC, our checks hint at some material compatibility issue with encapsulant materials during packaging of image sensor lenses." and then also "In addition to yield problems at TSMC (image sensor fabrication is never easy), we also think, based on our checks, that some encapsulant/adhesive materials compatability/delamination was involved, in keeping with the company's prior suggestion of an unexpected discovery of problems."


  1. please forgive me for not being technologically savvy, but is there any way that these issues could have been avoided by licensing ziptronix bonding process? TIA


    ps: thanks for posting this vlad.

  2. The latter part does not sound like it is related to wafer bonding to me, but it is not easy to tell from just a few sentences. Bringing up a new process is always filled with issues like this. TSMC is very strong on manufacturing issues and probably the problem could not be in better hands.

    Probably Omnivision wishes they had not be so publicly vocal on the anticipated rollout of their BSI-2 generation. It is not always good to be first and hence the term "bleeding edge".

  3. thanks eric. i appreciate your response.

    eric karr


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