Monday, November 28, 2011

STA Delivered 444MP Camera to USNO

Semiconductor Technology Associates has delivered the URAT camera to US Naval Observatory USNO in Washington, D.C. in August of 2011. The USNO Robotic Astrometric Telescope (URAT) camera is a focal plane of four 10,560 by 10,560 pixels 111MP STA1600 CCDs with supporting guider CCDs, a liquid nitrogen cooled dewar, and the supporting camera controllers:

The 111MP STA1600 6"-wafer-scale CCD is based on 9um pixel and has FSI and BSI versions. Its 16 outputs operate at 1 MP/s speed:


  1. Nice job Dick B.! Congratulations!

    Hey, that sure is a nice reflection of a watch in the picture. How is the QE for normal incidence?

  2. The CCD datasheet on STA site shows FSI version's QE of about 45%, BSI version - about 85%.


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