Tuesday, November 08, 2011

ON Semi Announces 9.6MP Sensor for Biometric Applications

Business Wire: ON Semiconductor introduced CMOS image sensor that offers the speed, resolution and SNR performance addressing the needs of high-end biometric applications such as fingerprint detection, as well as several medical device designs. The MANO 9600 is a rolling shutter 9.6MP (3840 x 2500 pixel) device that runs at 20fps at full resolution. Its maximum SNR is 41dB "without the need for oversampling. Many competing solutions use oversampling to improve SNR, an approach that can adversely affect speed of operation."

The sensor feature 10-bit ADC with data is transferred over four LVDS outputs; a version with a single 10-bit CMOS output is also available. Numerous other on-chip features such as a charge pump, FPN correction and bias control for power supply regulation help simplify implementation of the MANO 9600 into customer applications and reduce overall component counts. Power consumption is 500 milliwatts (mW) at 20 fps, and 200 mW at 5 fps. Operating temperature range is 0 ºC to +70 ºC.

Samples of the MANO 9600 image sensor are available now, with production devices expected Q2 2012.


  1. what is the pixel size of this sensor?

  2. Must be relatively small. 41db means about 13k electrons full well. The ON Semi IBIS chips with 3.5 micron pixels hold 21.5 ke.

  3. pixel size is 2.4 x 2.4 um2

  4. what kind of biometric applications needing so many pixels?

  5. On Semi IBIS4-6600 chip is only a 3T pixel, which makes it easy to get a higher FWC.


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