Sunday, April 08, 2012

ON Semi to Develop New Star Tracker Sensor for ESA

Business Wire: ON Semi announces that the European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded it a joint development contract for the next generation star tracker CMOS Sensor HAS3.

Once developed and qualified, the High Accuracy Star Tracker 3 (HAS3) image sensor will expand the STAR family of radiation-tolerant CIS. The existing HAS2 CIS offered today by ON Semiconductor is designed for Attitude and Orbit Control (AOCS) space applications. HAS2 has an array of 1024 x 1024 18um pixels and supports non-destructive readout and multiple windowing. Following its qualification in 2007, HAS2 has become the heart of ESA Star Trackers.

The HAS3 will be a 1280 x 1280 pixel, radiation tolerant CMOS sensor that features low read noise, 11 x 11 ┬Ám2 pixels having 14 bit performance. The HAS3 sensor will support multiple windowing, will be made available in a fully hermetic sealed package and has the option for backside illumination. Applications for the HAS3 device will include star trackers, sun sensors and other scientific applications.

In July 2011, Plessey, the silicon supplier producing the HAS2 wafers for ON Semi announced that they would be discontinuing manufacture of this product. ON Semiconductor has secured the product inventory to supply this product to customers to service their predicted full lifetime needs. The company has been working with the ESA to assure HAS2 availability for the years to come. After this period, it is expected that the next generation HAS3.

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  1. Plessey sends to their custom the notification of the closing of their foundry and gives their customers 1 month for last-buy. I think that such kind of company will make success nowhere. They don't have a minimum respect to their customers. Any one from On-Semi can comment this event please?


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