Sunday, April 15, 2012

Panasonic Talks about Micro-Machined Pixels, Samsung Announces YSNR10 Data

Panasonic published Digital Camera System Solution Guide 2012 describing its products for digital still camera applications. The 17.78MP 2.8um-pixel MN34070 sensor is said to feature "Micromachined cell technology" delivering "high resolution performance". I'm not sure what the micro-machining means , especially since Chipworks reverse engineering report does not mention anything unusual about its pixel structure.

Panasonic Semiconductor Selection Guide 2012 shows a next generation of 1/2.33-inch 1.43um-pixel MN34110 sensor, the MN34120, featuring 1.335um pixels. The new sensor is marked as "under development", no parameters are shown.

Samsung published YSNR10 data for its 1.4um-generation BSI sensors. 8MP S5K3H7 YSNR10 is stated at 82 lux. The smaller HD video S5K8AA sensor based on the same pixels shows YSNR of 86 lux.


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  2. there is a relation between "atomic flat silicon surface" and "micro-machined pixel"??

  3. Micromachining generally refers to deep silicon etching for MEMS, could be used on pixels for various reasons.

    1. maybe something similar to that of Hamamatsu for increasing NIR response.


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